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We are Donald and Inaretha Lategan and live in Hoekwil with our two furries, Cassy the Siamese and Sonny the Daschund.

Our small farm is nestled in the valley with exquisite Flora and the wild life move through our property at will.

Inaretha -Having always been passionate about arts and crafts, many years have been spent using various different products but using Pressed Plant Material has been part of my life for the past 30 years. The joy of pressing plant material and having a medium from nature's own bounty to create various products with ,is wonderful.

I discovered the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild on the Internet and have enjoyed being part of a group that share the same passion as I have.

Painting on glass and porcelaine is pure pleasure for me. The beautiful different colours are a joy.

Donald- We have a Succulent Nursery that is part of our enjoyment of nature and what it has to offer.We do Xeriscaping/ Landscaping with our own and sourced plants.  A passion for all plants and especially succulents and a wonderful capacity to propogate and grow nature's own sculptures comes naturally. Finding different and unusual succulents is an ongoing mission.

Painting  containers to hold the succulents, or little sculptures was a natural development.


Visit us by appointment at 523 Platrug Weg, Hoekwil. ( Near Wilderness, Near George.)

Tel: 044 850 1990 or Cell : 082 574 1795.